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February 14th 2017

The laugh Stand

Eclectic, spectacular, and of course, very funny live comedy every Tuesday, at Sydney’s original home of comedy, Harold Park Hotel (70A Ross Street, Glebe)!
This Tuesday 14 February, LOVE is on our minds.
Join us for a Valentine’s Day Show with two irresistible aphrodisiacs of Sydney Comedy leading the lusty charge:
MC: Peter Meisel
‘The B-Team with Peter Berner’
With: Peter Green
“One liners that cut to the quick of contemporary existence,” Glenn A Baker.
And special guest cupids: Tom Sanderson, Frida Deguise, Dane Hiser, Ryan Crawford, Christina Van Look and more!


ultures and couture collide when Frida, a feisty Lebanese Muslim woman from Melbourne, chases her dream of creating a fashion empire.

Frida is a young Lebanese woman with a thick Aussie accent and a dream of creating her own fashion empire. When she wins $4000 in a radio competition, Frida opens a shop in Sydney Road Coburg, hoping to create a fashion Mecca for Islamic women.

But business in burkas is slow. With creditors knocking at her door, Frida ditches the slow selling hijabs to make room for a glamorous range of Hollywood styled gowns. With passion, humour and relentless stamina this ” little aussie battler in a scarf” negotiates a long distance romance and the dramas that ensue when couture and cultures collide.

“Should be required viewing in every Australian School. The film interrogates notions of citizenship and national identity, and a questing desire for personal authenticity.”
The Weekend Australian


OutSpoken – Sydney Fringe Festival 2016

It’s not easy being a mother of four, Lebanese and Muslim. For Frida Deguise, this is just her normal life. She is funny and outspoken about all the things that make her comedy unique.  Being a Muslim woman, wearing a Metallica shirt and making fun of hiding explosives in her hijab, sure got a reaction!

Honoring the title of Australia’s only female Islamic comic wearing a hijab, Frida pushes the boundaries of perception, shows her world with HER rules. Her over-the-top bravado is balanced with brevity. Her controversy will make you explode with laughter.

Having toured on the annual comedy hit show  ‘A Very Woggy Xmas Gala’ with Joe Avati, Turkish Australian comedy sensation Tahir, better known to most as ‘Habib’ of Fat Pizza, and Gabriel Rossi Frida Deguise really is the soul of wit.

Some Saturday nights Frida performs her one-woman footy dance wearing her Manley Guernsey, but you’re not lucky enough to see that!

Gruen – CJZ Production 2016

In 2016 FRIDA Worked as a writer on the Gruen Show with Will Anderson , Frida was know as the firecracker on the show as her funny wit defiantly got the better of them . Frida Contributed to many aspects of the show and contributed to many of the jokes on the show .



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